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Inside the Home

  1. De-clutter as much as possible. Put away toys, clothing, dishes, towels, shoes, etc. It’s a lot cheaper to put these things away before the photo shoot than to pay to have the photos “photoshopped”.​

  2. De-personalize to a certain degree. Photos of family members and any potentially offensive art (believe me, I’ve seen it all!) should be put away.

  3. Remove any seasonal/holiday decorations that can quickly outdate your photos.

  4. Dust and vacuum.

  5. Make all the beds, fluff all the pillows, and check the bed skirts.

  6. Clean the kitchen sink and put away all the dishes.

  7. Clear all kitchen counter tops and put away toasters, can openers, etc.

  8. Clear all bathroom counter tops and put away all personal items.

  9. Remove all shampoos, conditioners, body-washes, etc. from the shower.

  10. Put out the guest towels and hide all the others.

  11. Hide all trash cans.

  12. Remove all magnets and decorations from the refrigerator.

  13. If there are pets, hide all food/water bowls, pet beds, and pet toys.

  14. Put all toilet seats and lids down.

  15. Replace all burned out light bulbs.

  16. Consider decorating the tables with your prettiest place settings.

  17. Consider putting out vases of fresh flowers.

Outside the Home

  1. Have the lawn trimmed, leaves raked, bushes and trees pruned.

  2. Clean up after any animals.

  3. Put away all garbage cans, hoses, garden tools, toys, bikes etc.

  4. Hide any “cute” yard decorations.

  5. In snowy climates, shovel snow from walkways, driveways, patios, decks when necessary.

  6. If there is a pool, hot tub, or spa, take any security gate down, uncover, and clean.

  7. If there will be any twilight photos taken, replace any broken lighting on the home, around the landscape, and in the pool.

  8. Open the umbrellas on any patio sets.

  9. When in season, uncover grills.

  10. Remove any seasonal/holiday decorations.

  11. Consider adding splashes of bright colored flowers to the landscape and in pots.

Right Before the Photographer Arrives

  1. Turn on ALL interior lights – even lights in furniture cabinets.

  2. Turn OFF all ceiling fans.

  3. Light fireplaces.

  4. Open all blinds, shades, and curtains.

  5. Clear all cars, vehicles, and trash cans from the driveway and the street in front of the home.

  6. Please secure any potentially aggressive animals in a safe location, away from all rooms being photographed.

  7. You can hide all clutter in areas that won’t be photographed like the garage, closets, and small laundry rooms.

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